Thursday, April 3, 2014

Holy Shiz, My Brother Got Married

Where did March go?! I feel like I haven't slept since February, and every weekend has been crazy busy. 

So one tiny big detail I left out from my Colorado trip is that my older brother casually told me mid-car ride that he was proposing to his girlfriend of 5 years. Yea, nbd, I'm just getting a sister-in-law, ya know. Well, actually, I should say I now have a sister-in-law, officially speaking and such. Unfortunately they had to move up their wedding date to say, a week to the day after they got engaged (they picked the wedding date 2 days before the actual wedding) since she's from Hong Kong and doesn't yet have a visa. Crazy, right?! But also super exciting. Nate and I had 2 years to plan a wedding, and here we were, 72 hours before the big day and trying to put together a small but beautiful wedding for them.

My dad and I (being the most A type personalities in the family) immediately started playing wedding planner. I ordered the cake and bouquet, my dad found a beautiful venue, and my brother and his fiance got everything worked out with a photographer and pastor. Nate also stepped up as husband of the year and made some kickass cake pops that the bride had always wanted (since I was knee-deep in wedding projects). Seriously, I think there's nothing that kid can't do. 

 Last Saturday was a blur of us getting pampered for the wedding with appointments for hair, nails and makeup. Finally the time rolled around, and I have to say, it went off beautifully. Her dress was gorgeous, they were surrounded by friends and family, and the food/drink/cake was delicious. It still hasn't sunk in that my brother is now married (I was the first one to take the plunge in our family), but I'm super happy for him and his new wife.
Nate's magnificent cake pops

Ready to go to the wedding!
All of the most important men in my life
The happy couple!

So March 2014 in a nutshell: went on vacation, brother got engaged, brother got married, got a new job, and begun the backyard patio project for our house (more to come on that last one later). 

I'm now going to take a nap for the remainder of April. Wake me up when it's May :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Colorado recap and photo dump

What a crazy couple of weeks! Between going to Colorado and accepting a new job life has been anything but dull.

The Colorado trip started with a 9+ hour car ride with my 2 brothers, my husband and my 8 year old nephew. If you've never driven across western Kansas, you can safely say you're not missing anything. After miles of tumbleweeds, brown dead grass and the occasional rest stop, we finally reached the mountains. We immediately checked in at the condo and grabbed our lift tickets/rentals at the ski shop before making a little dinner and calling it a night. 

The next 3 days filled with beautiful.scenery, great food, and of course, skiing. We skied all day every day, and even hit up the terrain park the last day to see my brothers go off some jumps (I attempted once, only to chicken out at the last minute). It was our first time at Copper mountain (usually Breck or Winter Park are our regular choices), and after going once I can 150% say we'll be back next year (I may have already bought the lift tickets...). The people that worked there were so friendly, it was an easy mountain to navigate and it's close enough to Breck/Frisco in case you want to check out some other fun ski towns.

First day of skiing and taking a rest break outside one of the mountain lodges.

Top O' the mountain on St. Patrick's Day.

Giant Hamster ball they stuck my nephew in that my older brother (left) and Nate (right) pushed him around in.

Kids in ski gear = I die.

Get it?

S'mores after a long day of skiing!

I can't wait to go back. For now I'll take the spring weather, but I'll still be counting down the months I can see those beautiful mountains again.