Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm back

Due to computer availability (as in there was none on hand in our household but our awful desktop), I went on a bit of hiatus. I can gladly report I am typing this on my brand new refurbished laptop. Let's get back to these blogging shenanigans.

Leaving sorta where I last left off where I proceeded to write every other post about my love of skiing, this one is no different. In just a few short days Nate and I were meant to be on the slopes, enjoying some mountain air and soaking in the beautiful views. Well, that was the plan, until mother nature decided to get all hot and bothered (literally). With just 72 hours until our trip, Copper Mountain made the call to push back opening day another week due to the seasonably warm weather.

Alas, our trip was cancelled, and there's a good chance I'll miss out going the entire 2014-2015 season now. So while I was being unproductively mopey our after hearing the news, my mood lifted after browsing the interwebs and running across this quote.

And then I remembered: I have it good. This one little trip I was definitely looking forward to, but I really, truly have it good.