Wednesday, October 12, 2016

6 months

Owen is officially 6 months old!

We don't get the official measurements until his doctors appointment Friday, but I'd put him around 20-21 pounds and 27ish inches. He's in 9 month clothing and is getting bigger by the day.

Owen loves fans, his doggies (he tracks them around the room and often grabs at them if they're nearby), bath time, being held and going outdoors. He still strongly dislikes the car and taking a bottle. The bottle thing is definitely a new development. A couple months ago he was taking one like a champ, but then Nate got busy with work and I spent 99.99% of the time breast feeding him, so now he will usually wait until I'm home and then eat.

We started Owen on solids a couple days ago. I want to do a combo of baby led weaning/purees, but so far it's been mostly purees. He just takes a couple teaspoons once or twice a day of them, and he hasn't refused to eat anything yet! I think Nate particularly likes that he can now take part in the feeding process :-).

Back when I was pregnant and daydreaming about where we'd be at different ages, I pictured us having our stuff together a little bit more at 6 months. Compared to 3 months we have it way more together, but not as much as I thought. Owen is the happiest baby when he's awake and rested, but he fights naps and bed time like none other. He's still up 6+ times a night, and doesn't sleep alone. I'm also the only one that can usually get him down (Nate's been successful a handful of times) so that means we have yet to venture out of the house sans-baby later than 7pm.

It's also a crapshoot if Owen will tolerate being watched by anyone that isn't me. Sometimes we go out and he's totally fine, and other times he's a mess (just a couple weeks ago when I was getting my hair done my mom had to bring him to the salon because he wouldn't stop crying). I have a hard time fitting in "me" time because I'm always worried he's going to be upset when I leave. I know this time is short, so I'm being patient for now, but it'd be nice to feel a little more rested and have some freedom. Owen also just isn't one of those babies that can be put down for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, so getting chores/workouts done requires some creativity and/or baby wearing. Our Ergo has been a life saver in that respect, and is also one of the few things that Owen will fall asleep in!

Owen, you truly are the love of my life. Even after a sleepless night, there's nothing better than waking up to your baby coos and watching you light up when you see my face. Snuggling you and hearing you laugh are just the best. I can't believe how much you've grown in 6 short months, and I'm so excited to see you learn and explore every day!