Wednesday, February 24, 2016

33 Weeks

Weeks along: 33

What's new with baby: Baby M is now 4 pounds and about the size of a ferret (or a durian fruit, pick whatever weird comparison you like best). He's still packing on the pounds, and hopefully moving to the head-down position.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: Nothing to complain about. The most annoying things are muscle cramps and then feeling uncomfortable when he's in a certain spot, but all in all nothing too bad.

Cravings: Mexican food (but let's get real, when have I not craved it?)

Workouts: An hour walk with Nathan, one elliptical session (I think...I can't remember if it was a walk or a gym session) and another 2.5 mile walk.

Baby Purchases: We went and got some odds and ends at Buy Buy Baby this past weekend - pack n' play sheets, a baby K'tan, Nose Freida, and some cloth diapers to use as burp cloths.

High point of the week: Spending some more quality time with Nate this past weekend. We went on a walk just the two of us on Saturday, did a brunch date, and then went to dinner after our breastfeeding class on Sunday. I'm trying to savor the last weeks of it just being the two of us before we meet our son :-).

Concerns/Issues: Labor and delivery, but what's new?

Missing: Being able to flip over from side to side in bed without it being a challenge.

Sleep: Definitely not great. Still waking up every 1-2 hours and getting up earlier and earlier in the mornings. The plus side is I've been getting in my workouts before work, the downside is by 3pm I'm starting to get pretty sleepy. Luckily my overall energy level hasn't dipped too much, which is making me feel better about being sleep deprived when we have a baby waking us up every hour or so :-).

Looking forward to: Our last childbirth class at the hospital. We've met a few other couples there that are due around the same time we are, and the instructor has been amazing so I've really been looking forward to our Thursday evenings lately. This last class we're all bringing in treats and then scheduling a time to do dinner.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

32 Weeks

Weeks along: 32

What's new with baby: Our little babe is just under 4 pounds and 17 inches long, or the size of a armadillo. To help our guy grow, my blood volume has increased 40-50% by now.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: Still feeling good, but let's talk about muscle cramps. Those things are a B. I wake up a couple times a night needing to stretch one out, and sometimes when working out I have to stop what I'm doing because my toes are cramping so bad. Put this on the list of things I won't miss when I'm no longer pregnant :-)

Cravings: Valentine's day candy :)

Workouts: A 30 minute elliptical session, 2 mile walk, 40 minute elliptical session and a 5k walk to round out the week. My lower back was definitely feeling it, but it was good to get a little more activity in.

Baby Purchases: Bought some frames for the prints I got for the nursery. Now we just have to put them up (we meaning Nathan since I have 0 faith in myself when it comes to hanging anything securely to the wall).

High point of the week: Valentine's weekend. It was the perfect mix of busy and lazy, and Nate and I got in lots of alone time together which is always nice. On Sunday he woke me up with 2 dozen red roses, a giant bag of candy hearts, and a fancy decaf coffee. We went to lunch with his mom, saw a movie and I enjoyed the beautiful weather outside by going on a long walk with my mom.

Concerns/Issues: Just the usual - childbirth (going through it and healing after)/taking care of a newborn/being prepared for his arrival

Missing: Nothing this week.

Sleep: Still not great. Turning over in bed is getting harder each night, and I'm consistently waking up 4-5 times. Surprisingly I'm not that tired during the day though, so that's a win!

Looking forward to: My last shower at work and then buying the rest of the stuff we need for when he's here :-)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

31 Weeks

Weeks along: 31, single digits baby!

What's new with baby: Our little guy is over 3 pounds now and is about the size of a foam finger. He'll be gaining half of his birth weight from now until he's born.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: Feeling good this week!

Cravings: Nothing too crazy I can think of, but the sugar cookies that I had at my shower were seriously amazing and totally hit the spot.

Workouts: A 5k walk and a 35 minute elliptical session. Not great, but the week was busy.

Baby Purchases: I bought his going home outfit with my friend Rach. He has so many adorable outfits that people have graciously gifted us, but his first one I wanted to be from me :-). Having my good friend there who's been such an amazing support to ooh and ahh over it made it even more special.

High point of the week: Oh my gosh, the whole week was amazing! We had our 3-D ultrasound on Wednesday and it was so surreal seeing his little face. He looks exactly like Nate as a baby, which only made me even more excited to meet him. I also got the biggest surprise this weekend when my good friend Rachael surprised me by flying up from Atlanta! I thought my mom had been planning my baby shower, but it turns out the whole time Rach and my BFF Katlyn have been doing everything without me knowing. The shower was absolutely amazing, and getting in some girl time with her and my friends was just the best. Little man and I definitely felt the love this weekend, and if I could re-live it all over again I would!

Concerns/Issues: None this week

Missing: My rib cage not having a baby kicking it ;-). I can definitely tell he's getting bigger as some of his kicks are starting to get a little uncomfortable.

Sleep: Truth be told, not great. I'm waking up every 2-3 hours and can't seem to get comfortable, even with the snoogle. I think this may be the beginning of the end of sleep.

Looking forward to: Putting everything away in his room and getting his nursery 100% ready.

Monday, February 1, 2016

30 Weeks

So I realized that I've been basically a week behind in my posts. Today I'm 30 weeks, so I'm skipping a week to get back on track ;).

Weeks along: 30

What's new with baby: Baby M is almost 3 pounds and 16-17 inches long! Since he's been packing on the pounds, he's been shedding the all-over body hair that was keeping him warm. He's making his way head-down to get ready for D-day.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: Definitely getting sore in my lower back after working out and slowing down overall, but otherwise feeling good!

Cravings: Cherry almond ice cream. Nate and I picked some up Friday night and I was in heaven.

Workouts: A 40 minute elliptical session on Tuesday, 20 minutes on the elliptical/15 minute walk/weights Wednesday, and a BodyPump class Thursday. Surprisingly the elliptical feels amazing, but walking on the treadmill has been a little painful as I get some round ligament pain if I go faster than 3 mph.

Baby Purchases: We may have traded in my car for a small SUV :-). Nate has tried to convince me since I first got pregnant that my compact car was not going to be car seat friendly. Well, a couple weeks ago when we tried putting the car seat in the middle of the car and taking it out, I realized he was 100% right. If we weren't giants (I'm 5'10" and Nate is 6'3") I think we could have worked around it, but it's definitely nice having a car that we don't have to squat in and out of.

High point of the week: I had my first shower this weekend. My sister-in-law who is 37 weeks pregnant threw me the most amazing shower for Nathan's side of the family. I don't know how she managed to make every last detail perfect all while being so close to having our niece and running after our 18 month old nephew, but it was spectacular. Baby M and I definitely felt the love!

Concerns/Issues: I think making it through the first couple weeks. Healing after labor and delivery all while taking care of a newborn still sounds like a daunting task. We're so excited to meet him, but I'm definitely a person that needs sleep.

Missing: Mobility. I know it's only going to get worse before it gets better, but I definitely feel like I've reached the "beached whale" stage of pregnancy.

Sleep: Hit and miss, and the weird dreams continue. Last night I had a dream I wanted to go back to college this semester to get my MBA, but I was stressing out because I realized I'd be having a baby halfway through the semester.

Looking forward to: Our 3-D ultrasound this Wednesday. I can't wait to see his little face :-).