Tuesday, February 9, 2016

31 Weeks

Weeks along: 31, single digits baby!

What's new with baby: Our little guy is over 3 pounds now and is about the size of a foam finger. He'll be gaining half of his birth weight from now until he's born.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: Feeling good this week!

Cravings: Nothing too crazy I can think of, but the sugar cookies that I had at my shower were seriously amazing and totally hit the spot.

Workouts: A 5k walk and a 35 minute elliptical session. Not great, but the week was busy.

Baby Purchases: I bought his going home outfit with my friend Rach. He has so many adorable outfits that people have graciously gifted us, but his first one I wanted to be from me :-). Having my good friend there who's been such an amazing support to ooh and ahh over it made it even more special.

High point of the week: Oh my gosh, the whole week was amazing! We had our 3-D ultrasound on Wednesday and it was so surreal seeing his little face. He looks exactly like Nate as a baby, which only made me even more excited to meet him. I also got the biggest surprise this weekend when my good friend Rachael surprised me by flying up from Atlanta! I thought my mom had been planning my baby shower, but it turns out the whole time Rach and my BFF Katlyn have been doing everything without me knowing. The shower was absolutely amazing, and getting in some girl time with her and my friends was just the best. Little man and I definitely felt the love this weekend, and if I could re-live it all over again I would!

Concerns/Issues: None this week

Missing: My rib cage not having a baby kicking it ;-). I can definitely tell he's getting bigger as some of his kicks are starting to get a little uncomfortable.

Sleep: Truth be told, not great. I'm waking up every 2-3 hours and can't seem to get comfortable, even with the snoogle. I think this may be the beginning of the end of sleep.

Looking forward to: Putting everything away in his room and getting his nursery 100% ready.


  1. Getting so close! I loved our 3D ultrasounds! It was so much fun to see what the babies looked like. After they were born I put the pictures from the 3D ultrasound up by their faces and it looked so much like them!!!❤️👶🏻

    1. I can't wait until we can do that! We're in the home stretch for sure, but it still seems so far away :)