Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pie Time and Nathan's Birthday

These past couple of weeks have been insanely busy! On the 17th, I hosted an amazing party for Nathan's 30th birthday, complete with awesome decorations, a tasty cake from Billy and Vanilly (peanut butter pie cake, thank you very much) and all of his close friends and family around. Don't believe me? Well, I have photographic evidence on just how awesome the party was below...

 Us at the Casbah. 

Just a sampling of the decorations. Everything said "30", just in case Nathan's old man brain forgot how old he was ;-)

The amazing cake that weighed at least 20 pounds. 

The awkward panoramic view of the group, resulting in at least 2 heads looking squished. 

Probably my favorite part of that weekend was that we got to spend it with our favorite people, including my oldest, and arguably most awesome friend, Sarah. This chick drove down all the way from Minneapolis just to see us, which I'm sure is no easy drive considering the only thing to look at for 7 hours is farmland, McDonald's and the occasional roadkill.

Us out being two foxy ladies. It comes naturally. 
The night was a success because it consisted of Nathan's 3 favorite things: his friends and family, beer, and cake. The morning after the party was over, we scarfed down a coma-inducing breakfast at First Watch, and then we had to say goodbye to Sarah and get ready for birthday celebrations: part 2. Since Nathan's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, we decided to go out with my family to Nathan's favorite restaurant/brewery, Freestate, the night before Thanksgiving. This was also when Nathan received all of his presents and we (of course) ate more cake.

Nathan's second cake. Yes, that is the most awesome picture of him with the caption of "Ermehgerd I'm 30."
Before we went out to dinner Wednesday night for Nathan's birthday though, I first had to help my mom out with some Thanksgiving pies. One thing you should know is my mom's apple pie is the best apple pie known to exist. People cry when they taste my mom's apple pie....well, not really, but every does agree that it's amazing. This year I helped, hoping to get closer and closer to completing my own pie someday.
Pie 1 of 3 complete. Deliciousness. 
 In between pie making, I also marveled at how my 6 year old nephew, Ayden, knows more about iPhone apps than I do. We also took pictures.

Ayden and I both smiling. Seeing how this looks unnatural, we decided to take a photo with the face we usually make. 

There we go. Much more natural.
I'm sure by the time that kid is 10 he'll be showing me how to use the hottest tech gadget, and I'll be fumbling around with it like a monkey trying to figure out how to tie shoes. Either way, I'll still like being his only aunt who kisses and hugs him in front of his friends while he pushes me off and tells me I'm annoying him (get used to it kid, I'm around for LIFE). 

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