Friday, November 2, 2012

Work, Life, Love and the Pursuit of Balance

So I guess this is where I write...which will definitely be a new "thing" for me. Writing was always the one thing I've never particularly enjoyed, but if other people are doing it, why not me? I can hear someone saying now, "if everyone were jumping off a bridge would you do it?" but let's get real, I can differentiate blogging from jumping off a bridge. Blogging is much safer....maybe.

First off, I think this blog will just be all over the place, which is fitting because that's how my life works. I'm a mid-twenties wife with two pugs, a full time career and a wonderful husband. Usually the first thing people know about me is my husband and my dogs, mostly because my husband is my best friend (cliche, but if he wasn't I wouldn't be married to the guy) and my dogs are like my children. Yes, I know real children are different than pugs, but since that's pretty far down on our "to-do list," as in, we'll get to it in like 3-5 years, they're my children right now. Don't like dogs? Well, I may question if you have a soul or not, but I'll respect your opinion.

Right now in this point we're in an "inbetween" phase of our lives where we've been out of school for awhile, we've been in our careers for a bit, but we have yet to dive completely into the adult pool. Don't get me wrong, paying bills can make anyone feel "adult-like" (in the least fun of ways), but I feel like until we start a family we'll still be able to grasp onto some remanants of being young and stupid.

Well, I think that's good for today. Have a good weekend everyone!

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