Thursday, February 6, 2014

For the Love of All Things Snow

So this week it snowed a whopping 14" here in Kansas, and while for most it meant snow days (myself included) and winter fun, it made me a little bummed by reminding me that this year we won't be traveling to Colorado. I've always been a mountain girl over a beach girl, and with Colorado ski country just 9 hours away, we've gone at least once annually. This year will mark the first year in the past 5 or so that we haven't made the trek to enjoy my favorite sport, but I'm still getting my winter fix by watching the pros on TV and  enjoying a visit to our local ski spot this weekend (it only has 4 runs, 2 of which are bunny slopes, but it's better than nothing, right?!).

To commemorate the many fun moments I've had in Colorado, I give you the highlight of our trip last year. Mr. Moose.
He looked a lot bigger in person.

This was the one time in my life I can say I've almost ran into a wild animal. I guess that's what you get when you're enjoying the scenery and not exactly catching on that people have stopped in front of you. Uh, whoops. Luckily, this little fella didn't hurt anyone, although my mom was probably asking for a mauling while she was taking pictures of it with her flash and volume up on her phone. My favorite part? When I told my mom after the encounter that I was afraid she was going to die by Moose mauling, she simply said, "But wouldn't that be a great story, and such an interesting way to go?" Uh, no, no it wouldn't.

And while we're at it, below are some other fun pictures from last year's trip. 

Ready to go down one of the runs. 

Beautiful scenery! Oh mountains, how I love you.

Grabbing a spiced hot chocolate at one of the watering holes in Winter Park after a long day of skiing.
And even though Kansas skiing and landscape does not compare to Colorado, snow days in the flat lands still have some highlights. 

I got to snuggle with this handsome boy and his sister for 2 days straight. 
Did you have any snow days this week with the winter storms? What was your favorite part about being snowed in?

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