Monday, April 13, 2015

Radio silence and randomness

Last week was basically a complete departure from my usual work week. I spent 6 days in the Carribean (Trinidad, Barbados and Puerto Rico, to be specific) for work, hence the lack of blogging.

I'll post a trip recap later, but for today, I'm feeling random. So let's get that out of the way.

  • Is is just me or is everyone pregnant? I started following two fitness blogs, and bam, both announced within weeks that they were expecting. People on my Facebook feed are having babies like woah. I enjoy reading people's pregnancy posts just because I'm curious, and everyone has different experiences, but what I don't enjoy as much? Birth pictures on my Facebook feed. Hey, if you want to grab a professional photographer to take pictures of you half naked and mid-push, I say go for it.  Just leave those photo albums on your physical coffee table and not your very public, internet coffee table. 
  • Sometimes I think, wait, I know that my husband is more expensive than me. Between the Urgent Care/ER visits he springs on me a couple times a year, the man also goes through clothes like nobody's business. Our most recent sticker-shock purchase was yesterday where we dropped more than a few bills on a new suit for him. He looks very dapper in it, and I know it's a man's must-have, but my wallet cried a little bit, that's for sure.
  • I buy gummy multi-vitamins not because I think they'll make me healthier, but because I love the taste. It's like eating 2 tiny gummy bears after lunch every day. Who wouldn't want that?
  • Nalgene bottles are by far the most ridiculously shaped water bottle, but I love them anyway. They don't fit in cup holders, rarely ever on exercise machines and they cover a whole freakin' coaster. Not to mention if you're driving and trying to drink out of one at the same time, you end up covered in water.  I'm a sucker for them though, and I can't really explain why. I have hanging out on the floor boards of my car right now. 

Not pictured: my dirty car floorboards

  • True talk? I hide my fitbit in my bra. This makes for an interesting maneuver for getting it out without any of your coworkers seeing before you go through security at the airport. I find the half-spin/reach-down-your-shirt-when-you-think-no-one-is-looking as the best option. That or remembering to go to the bathroom pre-security screening (which happened exactly 0 times).


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