Wednesday, April 1, 2015

15 Things for 2015 Check-In

Happy first day of April! Don't worry about me tricking you, I'm not a huge fan of April fools. Call me a wet blanket, but half of the pranks people pull are either not funny or insensitive. I also have 2 brothers that constantly pranked me on this holiday, so I'm being a no-fun-Nancy and not playing along today.

On another note, can someone please tell me how a quarter of the year has already come and gone?! I feel like I slowed down a little bit this month in the goals department, but that's even more of a reason to ramp it up this month so I can knock some more of these off my list!
  1. Try 6 new recipes that aren't desserts (and post the review/recipe on here).Is it sad that I can't even remember if I added another recipe this month? I don't think I did. That still makes the total three. Anybody wanna help a girl out and throw me your favorite healthy recipe to make at home? You can see the recipes I've made so far here and here, and  here. 
  2. Read 5 new books. Officially over halfway there! See my completed list below. Next book I plan on knocking out is First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen.
    1. Bossypants by Tina Fey
    2. Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? by Mindy Kaling
    3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (seriously, SO good!)
  3. Try something that takes me out of my comfort zone. I definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone on vacation and did some super intimidating mogul runs, but I'm thinking there's something even bigger I want to do for this one. Stay tuned :).
  4. Take pictures for at least 4 family functions. Eh, so I never really posted the photos from my nephew's birthday, but I did take a ton of photos on our family vacation. I posted those, so I'll say I've got one down, and three to go. 
  5. Hang pictures of family/friends on the walls (this sounds simple, but our home has had nearly bare walls...for almost 2 years). Completed! In case you didn't see the glory that is our photo wall in  last month's post, it's below. 
  6. Send a birthday card in the mail to 3 6 friends/family members. I've sent 2 so far, waiting for some more birthdays to pop up to send out the other 4!
  7. Do an act of kindness. Not yet, hoping an opportunity to help someone comes naturally, if not I'll have to think about how to get this one accomplished!
  8. Visit 3 places I've never been before. Work is definitely helping me out with this one! The first three on the list are work-related, but I'm still counting them. This year so far I'm planning on going to:
    1. Trinidad
    2. Barbados
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. North Carolina
  9. Follow a clean eating or whole 30 plan for a week (hopefully longer, but baby steps, right?)Still waiting to snag a copy of It Starts With Food at the library. My friend Jenny is well on her way of completing the Whole 30, so I need to get some tips and tricks from her before I start it as well! 
  10. Work back up to running a 5k again, straight through. Since the half-marathon we did 2 years ago (yeesh, time flies) I took a hiatus from running, and have never quite gotten back in the groove. Better late than never, right? Truth be told, I haven't been running as much because I've been going to a lot more classes at the gym. I've been more focused on doing exercises I think are fun and getting in a lot of variety, instead of just focusing on running,running, running. Luckily the classes have been helping my endurance because I ran on the treadmill today over lunch, and was able to run 1.8 miles straight through! Maybe I'm not too far off of getting this one done :)
  11. Blog at least 24 times. Truth be told I suck at this, but maybe 2015 will be the year to be more consistent! Definitely beating this one! Not sure what the post count is up to, but I know I have to be close to this goal.
  12. Clean out/organize all of the closets in our house. Hall and spare bedroom #1 closet down, 500 4 closets to go. No progress made since last month. Maybe I'll get in the spring cleaning mode this month?
  13. Surprise my husband in some way. Ugh, no, and I have NO idea what to do. Any suggestions?
  14. Do a house project. We gave our yard a little love last week. I think the biggest project we'll undertake is cleaning it up and getting our garden in over. I would love to have our house painted, but there's that whole "money" thing, and with N and I trying to pay off our student loans aggressively, it doesn't really leave much for the home project fund.
  15. Go visit a friend that lives in another state. Settling in a college town means that the majority of our friends over the years have moved, and seeing them is long overdue.  I'm still thinking NYC for this one! Southwest just started flying non-stop to there from our airport, so I just need to work out a time with my friend for me to come visit :).


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