Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Verti-cutters, chocolate chip cookies and finger stitches

I realize that, once again, I'm doing my weekend recaps on Tuesdays, but the procrastinator in me just can't get it together to get one of these up the day after the weekend is over.

This weekend we kept it pretty low-key, well, for the most part, but I'll get to that in a bit.

Friday I was my usual boring homebody self. We made dinner, vegged in front of the TV, and then made a trip to Target to look at camping supplies. For the record I'm not a fan of camping, but N wants to try it, so I'm keeping an open mind. While we didn't find a vast array of camping gear at Target (go figure), we did find an area rug for our family room. For the longest time I've been obsessing over this rug from Overstock, but the one at Target was half the price and has a little color in it, so in the cart it went.

Saturday morning started off with some Kodiak Cake's protein pancakes and then my first ever barre class. The pancakes were delish (go buy some of the mix at Target and make 'em yourself!) and the class was challenging, but fun. After a quick shower for myself and a bath for the dogs, I ran up to KC to grab lunch with an old coworker followed by a trip to Costco. Costco had awesome prices on grass seed and flowers, so I of course over-bought (who doesn't there?), and on my return to the house we started on yard work. To reward ourselves for making progress on the yard,  we walked over to the local brewery which is just a block away from our house to grab dinner. Froyo immediately followed after, and then it was more relaxing before bed.
Now Sunday is where N really kept things exciting with a trip to the ER Urgent Care. We started off the day renting a Verti-cutter from Home Depot so we could re-seed the yard. Instead of getting the self-propelled version, we made the mistake of getting the push version, so N was forced to push around a 200lb + machine around the yard for over an hour. Super fun on his part.

Even though he was exhausted after, he still had the neighbor's kids over to work in the garage on the woodworking projects they were wanting to complete. I took the liberty of making chocolate chip cookies during this time, and with my first dozen in the oven N comes in with a paper towel over his finger with the color draining out of his face. He runs the faucet and there's a nice gash going across his index finger, deep enough to warrant an assessment from my mom who's a RN. She deems it Urgent Care-worthy, so in the car they go. The doctor there assesses that he's cut the tendon in his finger, but hasn't cut through it, so while he won't need anything more than some stitches, it'll hurt like a B until it heals. 5 stitches later he's back just in time for dinner, and then some relaxing (with Advil) before bed.

This guy always knows how to keep me on my toes.



  1. oh man! I've done that before. I sliced up my thumb pretty badly putting in my new kitchen floor a few years ago and i was in the house alone! I called my boyfriend at the time and he rushed over with band aids and such. I should have gone to the ER because I probably needed stitches, but now I have a pretty awesome scar on my thumb ;) Y'all do keep it exciting over there!

  2. Ouch, that sounded like it hurt! And N had the exact same thought as you (where he was sure he didn't need to go to the ER), but luckily he can't really say no to a nurse/his mother in law ;).

  3. I still need to try those pancakes!!!