Monday, March 23, 2015

New Neighbors

Hola! Sorry for the brief hiatus, I was vacationing last week in beautiful Colorado with my fam and husband. I'll post a recap later this week with lots and lots of pics.

For today though, can I just say how much I am loving Spring already? Yes, I know we're on like the 3rd day of it, but I already have day lillies coming up randomly all over our back yard and I'm ready to start our garden.  I think this weekend I might have to break out the athletic shorts and do some yard work. This spring we'll be getting more than fresh fruits and veggies, we'll also be getting 2 new sets of neighbors! With the spring market hoppin' (Easter pun, I know, awful) two of our neighbors have put their homes on the market.

N and I live on a dead-end street where our neighbors are nice, but not close-knit by any means. While this is fine, N and I were hoping for a little community when we moved in, rather than a bunch of strangers all living on the same street.

Case in point, the couple two doors down from us had a generic "Welcome Home" sign in their front door area forever and we could not for the life of us figure out what it meant. Every time N and I walked by their house we speculated. Was a relative coming back to live with them? Did the husband join the army and was away at basic? Nope, turns out they had a baby. As in, she grew a human in 9 months and brought a baby home, unbeknownst to the entire neighborhood. We only figured this out when they were walking the tiny human in a stroller this weekend. I'm the first person to buy a package of diapers and a Starbuck's card for neighbors/friends when they have a baby, but this is the first place we lived where I have a feeling it would be a little....uhm....awkward? Like hi, we don't ever talk, but I noticed you had a tiny human so here's a little gift from your random neighbors? 

So yea, I'm more than a little excited at the prospect of getting two new neighbors. I'm probably more invested in these people selling their homes than they even are, and every time we see an unfamiliar car park in the driveway of one of the two houses N and I like to scope it out. If I was just a tidge crazier than I am, I'd create a wanted ad that would look something like this:

WANTED: Two new sets of neighbors for well-established neighborhood with proximity to two adorable kid-friendly pugs. Must be outgoing, friendly, and like baked goods. Mid-twenties to mid-thirties a plus, but not required. Dog-haters, beer-haters and fun-haters need not apply.


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