Thursday, March 26, 2015

Skiing, S'mores and Selfies

 If I could re-live last week over and over again, I would. Our skiing trip was amazing. I relished every run and every minute with my family.

It all started when we left last Saturday and made the 9 hour car ride to Copper Mountain. I forced my older brother to drive half of the trip, and since he hadn't listened to Serial yet, we put that on and almost went through all twelve episodes just on the way there. If you've never listened to this podcast - do. it. now. It's so interesting and it hooks you from the first episode. While my brother and N were listening to the podcast up front, my nephew and I of course rode in the back and took selfies.

We made it to Copper safe and sound in the afternoon. Before we checked into our condo for the week, we had to hit up the rental shop before it closed so everyone could get their rentals. My little brother and I, having our own skis, decided to hit up the local bar that was just around the corner instead and get a celebratory beer (a much better use of time if you ask me). The owner/bartender at Double Diamond Bar and Grill was not only incredibly friendly but hilarious. We chatted with him as we downed our beers, and then went to go check up on the fam. Everyone's equipment was in order, so we unloaded at the condo, grabbed some food at Endo's and then ran into the nearby town for some groceries.

We were at Copper for 5 days total, and skied 4 of them. The first 3 days there was no fresh snow and the temps in the afternoon hit a sweltering 50 degrees, but we still enjoyed every run. N and I invested in a DSLR camera this year, and one day we all went to one of the lifts at the top of the mountain so we could all take a picture together.

Our clan

After going to the top, we cut our way over to the terrain parks so I could snap some pictures of my brothers and nephew going off of some of the jumps.

Little man getting some air

The lifts close at 3:30 pm every day, so once we were all down the mountain we'd clean up and then explore Center Village (the shopping/dining area at the base of the mountain) or one of the nearby towns. In the village there's Adirondack chairs everywhere you go, and at least 3 or 4 areas where you can sit next to a warm fire. My favorite night we all went down Center Village, grabbed all the necessary ingredients to make s'mores and warmed up by the fire with a beer and some sweet treats. It was a great time to sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Checking out one of the bigger chairs
With mom and dad

The fire was really warm so he kept his distance!
The day that we didn't ski, we took advantage of Copper's free guided snow shoe tours and set out to see some wildlife. In actuality, we saw 0 wildlife, but it was a nice way to enjoy another activity with the fam and it was something new we had never done before. I also managed to get a few photos of N and I together since he had been playing cameraman this whole trip.

Like vacations usually go, the time went by in the blink of an eye. Our last day on the mountain came too soon, but we left on a high note. I pushed myself to do some harder bump runs (moguls), and we had 4 inches of fresh powder to ski on. I was sad to leave, as I always am, but we already are planning our next trip to Colorado for some summer hiking. I'll be back before I know it!


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