Friday, March 6, 2015

Finally Friday

One week down, one week closer to vacation! I have mere days left until some seriously needed time with my family and the mountains. Here's what got me that much closer to vacation, and through this week:

 This kid. I love him.

Ayden with N and mine's fur babies.

Yesterday I was exhausted, frustrated and just overall in a crappy mood. To get my mind right (and to work off a couple doughnuts I had for breakfast/lunch), I hit the gym. I was still in kind of a crappy mood when I got a call from my older brother, which wasn't really my brother but my 9 year old nephew. Him calling me instantly lifted my mood, and after I hit the gym I popped over there for a quick hello. The instant he saw me he hugged me and started telling me told me about how school was going, and overall was so excited to see me. It was 110% what I needed to shake my negative mindset.

New gear for our ski trip coming up doesn't hurt either. I've mentioned this before, but I've been on the lookout for a new ski coat and new mittens. The coat I use now  I purchased 5 years ago and decided at the time white was a smart color choice. Wrong. I found a jacket and mittens I loved, but wasn't looking to spend that much on the jacket. I ordered the mittens, and lo and behold, N orders the jacket for me behind my back and it shows up 3 days later at our doorstep.That guy. The even better part of it? Today I saw the jacket went on sale, so we're getting refunded the difference between what we bought it for and the new price. I love it when things come together.

Modeling my new coat to send a picture to N while he was in Chicago

N was out of town this week for a training, so the nights this week have just consisted of me and the pigs hanging out. Since we don't have cable now (we cut cable and just use internet with Hulu/Netflix) my TV options have been dwindling. Luckily I found a new show to be obsessive about. My dad (being a big motorcycle person) told me about Gangland Undercover and 5 minutes into watching the first episode I was officially hooked. It's seriously SO good, and I love that it's based on a true story. A bonus, the main actor is pretty easy on the eyes ;).

What got you through this week?


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