Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five

Oh thank you glorious Friday! You're finally here! I feel like this week went at a snail's pace, but it was offset with having gorgeous weather. 70 degrees and sunny everyday? I'll take it. Here's what got me through another week.

1. Deluso pre-made salads. Usually when I'm in KC I grab a couple of my favorite Trader Joe's salads (the low-fat Asian Chicken one is my favorite) for easy lunches to bring to work. Since we don't go up there every weekend, I took a chance on a pre-made salad from Hy-Vee. I got an almond berry chicken salad, and it was delish. Well done, Hy-Vee, well done.
Another poor attempt at food photography - but trust me, it was tasty!
2. Walks with the pigs. I wish I could say I took advantage of this beautiful weather every night, but I only made it outside a couple times due to late work nights and other evening shenanigans. Last night I decided to go on a long run/walk minus the dogs (they're good for a mile walk max before their little legs give up), and I felt a tad guilty about it. When I got home they were all wound up, and since the library book drop off is only a couple blocks away from our house, I grabbed the book I just finished and leashed the pugs for a quick little stroll. I know it sounds silly, but it always seems like they're smiling when they're being walked. Seeing those two crazy little pug nuggets happy makes me happy.
From the dog park this past week - only Daisy wanted to pose for the photo.  Max is hidden behind the bench.
3. Everything St. Patty's day related. I live for an excuse to be festive, so this week I've been pinning and looking up fun ideas for St. Patrick's day. Since I'll be with my nephew, I was thinking on making these fun Lucky Charms Rice Krispy Treats for him, or  maybe these Lucky Charms Leprechaun Bars. I'm also planning on raiding the Target dollar spot for some fun wearables/decorations (cue eye roll from N).

4. Bridget Jone's Diary on Netflix. N wasn't home until late last night, so I took the liberty of watching chick flicks in his absence. Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is such a babe, and delivers the best one-liner in any romcom ever in my opinion.

5. Ridiculous conversations with my friends.I feel like at any time 90% of our conversations consist of food, and I giggle like a little girl the whole time. Take for example the convo I had yesterday with my friend D over snacks (undoubtedly one of my favorite topics).

D: I have been staring at this bag of chips at my desk trying to decide whether I should eat them or not.
A. What kind of chips?
D: Kettle cooked, the delicious kind.
A: Mmm...wait until 4pm. You'll appreciate it more then.
D. Oh I forgot to mention I have a cookie sitting here as well.
A: Need important details - what kind of cookie?
D: Snicker Doodle. And it's rather large.
A: I say you either dig into both snacks at the same time and get you that sweet n' salty combo, or you save one for 4pm. 4pm is the universal snacking hour.
D: I know, that's my favorite time to snack. I may do the chips now and maybe save the cookie for the drive home.
A: Solid choice.


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