Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's On My Mind Wednesday

I'm pretty sure 99% of my blog titles have some sort of alliteration in them and/or include a list (sorry not sorry), but here's what's on my mind lately:

1. When did balsamic glaze become the new "it" thing to put on food? I feel like everywhere I turn there's a recipe for balsamic glaze pork chops or brussel sprouts or fancy cocktails. Me, I'm not a fan. I'll just have a plan ol' good seasoned side of meat with some plain roasted veggies ( with maybe some garlic), thankyouverymuch.

2. Am I a bad person for almost falling asleep in Book of Mormon? I mean, it was funny, but the theater was literally 85 degrees and once it hit my usual bed time I was straight up struggling to keep my eyes open. The only reason I stayed awake was the fear of being judged by my fellow audience members, and the guy sitting to the right of me was like, um, really into it. I guess I'm just not a classy gal. 

3. A little fact about me - I'll eat all the sweets, but I'm not a fan of bacon. At. All. Every once in awhile I'll get a craving for a BLT and enjoy one, but I'll pick it off salads and will never order it as a side with breakfast. It's a good thing I enjoy 99.9999% of other unhealthy foods to make up for this (ha).

4. I think the coolest stores are ones where the owner brings their dog in and the dog just chills in different spots around the store all day. N and I went to a ski shop in KC last weekend when we were doing our Costco trip (because a family of 2 really needs a Costco membership), and the owner has a goldendoodle that just chills in the store all day. Why yes, I'd like to look at that ski coat while I pet your pup. 

5. Normally I love my in-laws, but lately.....they've been taxing my patience (I never share this blog so I'm dubbing this as a "safe zone"). Between texts at 10:30 at night about catalog orders for school fundraisers, one step-sibling that never wants to be apart of anything family related but pitches a fit about not feeling included (which they always are, and continue to come up with last minute excuses) and another sibling that has pretty much shut everyone out, I'm over it. In my family, if you have an issue, you discuss it and it gets resolved immediately.  N's family, not so much. Crossing my fingers I make it out alive when we host family dinner this Sunday. 


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  1. I'm not really into balsamic either. I guess I just don't see the point? Just leave things alone - now garlic, I fully support that.

    Good luck with the family stuff. In laws are tricky. I've almost had two different sets, both of whom I loved dearly, but both with quirks I could see irritating me for the next 50