Monday, January 4, 2016

25 Weeks

Weeks along: 25

What's new with baby: Baby M is the side of a head of cauliflower (anywhere from 13.5-14.8 inches) and is packing on some weight. He now has a sense of balance so he knows up from down, and he's been stealing my antibodies as his immune system strengthens.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: The beginning of this week still started off rough, but thanks to some antibiotics my sinuses now don't throb and I'm starting to be able to breathe through my nose again. Little man seems to be unaffected by my cold because he's active as ever, so at least one of us has some energy :)

Cravings: That Taco Bell craving definitely came back, and this time I let the floodgates open and had a crunchwrap. I think it's been a solid 5 years since my last one, but it totally hit the spot and now that I can breathe again I was actually able to taste it.

Workouts: Even though my energy levels were still down, I managed to squeeze in a couple walking workouts and a Body Pump class.

Baby Purchases: I couldn't resist the after-Christmas sales, so I picked up a couple outfits for him from the clearance rack at Gap. They're so cute, and each item was only $6 after all the discounts so it was definitely a win!

High point of the week: Feeling better for sure! I had some pretty rough moments the 2+ weeks I've been sick so it was such a blessing to start to feel like myself.

Concerns/Issues: Nothing this week. Just focusing on babe and I getting back to 100%.

Missing: Not being restricted by anything. With us finally getting some winter weather all I want to do is hike and ski (and maybe have a glass of champs or two for New Years), but I won't be partaking since making sure babe is safe is my first priority. As much as this pregnancy has been easy, I have to come clean and say that there are some days where I'm ready for him to be here instead of continuing to be pregnant. Props to the moms that have hard pregnancies, growing a baby is tough work.

Sleep: Better this week!

Looking forward to: Feeling more prepared for his arrival by getting some of his room done!

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