Friday, January 22, 2016

28 Weeks

Weeks along: 28

What's new with baby: Little man is the size of a roller blade. His lungs are more mature, he now has eyelashes and he's continuing to pack on the baby fat.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Symptoms: Feeling great this week! My lower back was a bit sore after working out this week, but went away after a quick trip to the chiropractor.

Cravings: I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies so I made some this week. I brought the bulk of the batch to work, but not before I had more than my fair share ;).

Workouts: A 5k walk on Sunday and two 35 minute elliptical sessions with weights at the end.

Baby Purchases: I bought this rug for his nursery. I want to create an inviting space for his room, but having pregnancy brain seriously hinders my decision making abilities. After looking for a couple weeks straight, I kept going back to this one, so Nate convinced me to go ahead and order it :-).

High point of the week: Trivia night with my bestie and her boyfriend. The  4 of us took second place and won a total of $25 (woo!). To celebrate Nate and I went to Sonic afterwards for a little treat.

Concerns/Issues: Just trying to prioritize everything before he's here. There's a lot we need to do in terms of getting his nursery all ready, saving for when I'm on maternity leave and then taking care of some bigger stuff before (car maintenance, dog teeth cleanings). I know we can get it all done, I'm just impatient and would like to have everything scratched off the list well in advance.

Missing: Skiing, but what's new? :-)

Sleep: Still great! Some weird dreams, but I can't complain.

Looking forward to: Going to dinner with our friends tomorrow night in KC for restaurant week.

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