Monday, January 20, 2014

The first-time home buyer: And the renovations begin...

So after all of the running around between getting bank stuff figured out, scheduling times for a home inspection and appraisal, and dealing with some last-minute water-in-the-basement drama (the owners paid for the repair as well as a new carpet since the old was damaged), closing day was finally upon us.We went to the bank, signed our lives away (I joke, but that's kinda what it felt like), and wrote the largest check of our lives. And then, nearly 5 months after starting our search, we finally got the keys to our first home.

Kudos to our realtor for some sweet key-coverings.

The first thing we did after getting the keys? Go to the house. The second? Start tearing apart the kitchen. Yup, we didn't waste any time getting to work on renovations. I had already scheduled contractors to come in and scrape/re-texture the gross yellow popcorn ceilings throughout the house as well as re-finish/install hardwood floors throughout most of the first floor. The rest we'd do on our own, with a lot of help from our families. Our to-do list was extensive, but we knew with some dedication and time, we could get it done.

And I would soon learn that home-renovation is a lot more work than I'd ever have thought, and while it wasn't (and isn't) my favorite thing to do, it left us with our dream house at the end of the day. More to come with room-by-room renovations! 

My oasis during stressful reno times: our backyard. 

Have you ever taken on a major remodeling project? What was it?

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