Friday, December 4, 2015

21 Weeks

Looking more and more pregnant every week! 

Weeks along: 21

What's new with baby: Baby is the size of a baseball cap, bok choy, or a pomegranate - take your pick :-). This week he's working on producing meconium (his first poop) and he's now about 10.5 inches long!

Maternity Clothes: Besides workout clothes and cardigans, pretty much exclusively maternity clothes at this point.

Symptoms: Struggling with sleep, but otherwise feeling great! Little man is more active every day and feeling his kicks are the best :-)

Cravings: Continuing to crave sweets. This week my mother-in-law brought over this cream-filled banana bread and it was out of this world.

Workouts: Decent this week. One 3.5 mile walk with weights, and 2 more 2-2.5 mile walks with some running and weights at the end.

Baby Purchases: N and I took advantage of Black Friday sales and bit the bullet on getting the stroller/car seat combo we wanted. Our baby purchases up to this point have been thrifty, gently-used products, but I really really wanted the UPPAbaby Cruz with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat. Out of all the strollers we looked at it, it was the most user-friendly and compact while also coming with a lot of optional attachments (plus it had awesome reviews). The only downside? The price. Luckily on Black Friday it was 20% off, and since it's rarely on sale we jumped on it. I never thought I'd be so excited to get a stroller, and having a car seat in our house is starting to make this all feel real :-).

High point of the week: N feeling Baby M after I worked out this weekend. Our little guy has been active enough that N can feel him when he decides to curl up in a ball on one side of my stomach, which he especially likes to do after I've been walking or running.

Concerns/Issues: Now that we're a little more than 4 months out labor and delivery is on my mind more and more along with how we're going to adjust to sleepless nights with a newborn.

Missing: Nothing this week

Sleep: Hasn't gotten any better. A pregnancy pillow might be in the near future....or a new mattress.

Looking forward to: Picking out the nursery furniture! My parents have generously offered to purchase us a crib and dresser so we're heading to KC this weekend to shop around.

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