Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fives

It's Friday, already? In some ways this week went by fast, but the days themselves were slow (if that makes any sense, probably not). Here are some of the things I've enjoyed throughout the week that have gotten me to another weekend!

1. Call me a 16 year old girl, but Tay Swift's 1989 album has been blaring in my car all week. Usually I've got an alternative radio station on, playing some indie/alt rock, but this week I went full-blown T-Swfit. No joke, I think I've listened to Style at least 30 times.

2. The Funny or Die Weather App Because who doesn't need a little sarcasm/life advice while they get the local weather forecast?

3. Speaking of weather, the biggest mid-week pick-me-up happened when Kansas decided to be 75 degrees outside, for one whole day. Nate and I took advantage of the 24 hours of beautiful weather by taking the pigs pugs out for a long walk. Now it's 40 degrees outside with a chance of snow this weekend. Oh mid-west weather, why must you be such a tease?

4. The Better Homes and Garden's email list. 99% of my emails I throw in the trash bin without even bothering to open them up, but I always open up my BHG email. This week included some fun DIY V-Day crafts. Since I love me a good crafting day, I bought all the stuff to make these painted mason jars. Fingers crossed they turn out so I have a good excuse to get some fresh flowers!

5. Salon days. My hair stylist is the best, so the days I make the trek to visit my hair stylist are always my fave. All week I've been looking forward to my appointment tomorrow in which I'll come in feeling like a grungy root-showing monster and come out feeling like a million bucks.

Headless photo necessary since I had yet to be beautified
Happy weekend!


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  1. I LOVE Better Homes and Gardens. The brownie recipe in this month's magazine is happening. I'm gonna make it happen