Thursday, November 5, 2015

17 weeks

Weeks along:17

What's new with baby: Baby is now the size of a game controller (or if you're more fruit-analogy inclined, the size of an onion). Baby is putting on some fat this week and cartilage is now turning into bone.

Maternity Clothes: Caved late last week. I've never been a fan of ultra-low rise jeans, but all my mid-rise pants were digging into me every night and I was over being uncomfortable. Since this belly isn't getting any smaller, I walked myself into a Motherhood Maternity and bought myself a couple things.

Symptoms: Definitely had a couple days of some crazy fatigue, but otherwise still loving the 2nd trimester.

Cravings: Cereal.

Workouts: Hiked 4 miles on Sunday, and walked/ran 2 miles Monday and Wednesday. Not terrible, but it's been better in other weeks.

Baby Purchases: Nothing this week. Eventually I know I'll have to put together a registry of some kind, but there's so many options for baby gear it's a bit overwhelming. Meh, it can wait until next week.:-)

High point of the week: Spending a quality day with N on Sunday. We just hiked, went to lunch, relaxed and spent a lot of time talking.

Concerns/Issues:  How I'll handle labor, the first day of daycare and balancing work/life. I try not to let these bubble up too much because I know we'll cross those bridges when we get to them, but it can be overwhelming to think about at times.

Missing: Nothing this week

Sleep: Great! Still having weird dreams though.

Looking forward to: Finding out what we're having! The countdown has begun and we find out what we're having November 20th.

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