Wednesday, October 28, 2015

16 Weeks

Week 15 was a blur and I completely forgot to write a post, so onto week 16!

I'm not sure why my hand looks giant in the photo, but I promise in real life it's not that big ;)

Weeks along:16

What's new with baby: Baby is the size of an avocado. I guess I could feel movement as early as this week, but I haven't yet. The ears are developed enough that he/she can hear my voice and N's voice, so that's kind of cool!

Maternity Clothes: None yet, although there's one last pair of jeans that will button comfortably, and cardigans have been my BFF.

Symptoms: Feeling a little out of breath and still having some days that I'm exhausted, but overall feeling great!

Cravings: Chocolate. Halloween candy. I'm embarrassed at how much I've consumed.

Workouts: Had a major lag in week 15, but this past week we walked about 6 miles a day when N and I were Boston, and then Monday when I got back I ran/walked a 5k. I also took a BodyStep class that was brutal, but good. Let's just say burpies are not my friend.

Baby Purchases: We bought baby M's first bib when we were in Boston that says "Little Monstah." My mom also picked up the cutest KU infant hat that instantly made me melt. I love it.

High point of the week: Spending the weekend in Boston with N. Even though it was a short weekend trip, we had an absolute blast spending quality time together.

Concerns/Issues: None this week :-)

Missing: Fitting into my jeans. I feel like I'm hitting the peak of the awkward pregnancy phase where I feel chubby, but not noticeably pregnant. At this point I'd rather have a real baby bump.

Sleep: Great this week, but the weird dreams keep on coming. Last night I had one that my dad put up and took down all of his Halloween stuff before Halloween actually happened, and I was really upset that they put everything away early.

Looking forward to: Scheduling the anatomy scan appointment! I'm hoping we can find out a couple days shy of 20 weeks so N will know what we're having before his birthday.

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