Thursday, October 15, 2015

14 weeks

Excuse the unmade bed - it was a busy morning!

Weeks along:14

What's new with baby: Baby is now the size of a lemon. His/her ears are developed enough that it can actually hear mine/N's voices.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet

Symptoms: Feeling like myself this week, besides my nose being on overdrive. I can smell everything!

Cravings: Still changes constantly, but this week it was egg sandwhiches (which is really just buttered toast with some eggs on it) with OJ. I could still have this every day.

Workouts: Continuing to get better! Took a BodyJam class Friday, walked/ran 3.5 miles Sunday and took a Body Step class that was killer on Tuesday.

Baby Purchases: We have a second-hand baby clothes/gear store next to us, so N and I went in on Monday when we were off looking at daycares. We found an almost brand new baby swing/glider thingy for half off so we jumped on it!

High point of the week: We announced on FB. I went back and forth on saying something/not, but with a lot of out of town relatives I figured we might as well. We used the baby shoes we bought last week and incorporated the pigs into the photo. I think it turned out pretty well :)

Concerns/Issues: Ugh, daycare. Besides it being crazy expensive, our top choice won't know until 3-4 months out if they have a spot when we need it. We're putting a deposit down this week on our 2nd choice, and then we'll be putting our names on the wait list for our #1 choice. Put this on the list of "things that are not fun when having a baby."

Missing: Nothing this week.

Sleep: Becoming more hit and miss. I'm having crazy realistic dreams at night (unfortunately none where we know what the baby is) and it's constantly waking me up.

Looking forward to: My 16 week appointment in a couple weeks. Hearing the heartbeat is always music to my ears :).

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