Wednesday, October 7, 2015

11 weeks

Written September 24th

Week 11 I was mostly home with a cold, so we're just going to skip over it and get to a week where I was feeling better :)

Weeks along:11

What's new with baby: Just two short weeks until the first tri is over, and I cannot wait! Baby is looking more baby-like every day and fingers/toes aren't webbed anymore. Important stuff like hair follicles and nail beds are also forming.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, although by the end of the day I have to unbutton my pants...but like 80% sure that's due to a food baby and not the actual baby.

Symptoms:Still tired 24/7, but the nausea officially stopped around 8 1/2 weeks.

Cravings: This week when I got home I had to order myself a California roll and some edamame from our favorite sushi place for dinner. I'm also loving fruits (especially oranges) and any/all sweets. 

Workouts: Finally got in a little bit of activity. Ran 4 miles on Saturday (haven't done that since week 5!) and then did a run/walk combo on Monday for 2.5 miles with a quick weight session after.

Baby Purchases: New molding was purchased/painted/installed in Baby M's room. I painted the new molding when N and I were both coming down with a cold. When we were both out for the count later in the week my dad came to the rescue and cut/installed it for us. We still have to paint the window/door molding and reface the doors, but it already makes the room look brighter and cleaner!

High point of the week: Telling my aunts/uncles/grandparents. After weeks of my parents asking if they could tell family, I caved this week and told them to go for it. They're all very excited and supportive, but it's times like this where it's a little bittersweet having all of them live on the East Coast while we're in Kansas.

Concerns/Issues: Just anxiously awaiting our next appointment (next Friday). Hoping that we can hear little one's heartbeat and everything is continuing to progress well.

Missing: Still throwing myself a mini pity-party whenever I see that most ski places will be opening in a little less than a month, and I won't be able to go. N and I were thinking about taking a babymoon to somewhere that has mountains (we're thinking Pacific Northwest) so we don't feel like we're missing anything.

Sleep: Fantastic, but I feel like I need at least 10 hours to not feel exhausted. Luckily N isn't opposed to being in bed by 8:30 on the weeknights :-)

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex. Right now there are tests out there that can determine the sex as early as 10-12 weeks, but they're only covered under insurance if you're high-risk (thankfully we're not), so we still have to wait 9 more weeks. 9 weeks seems like such a long time, but hopefully it flies by!

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