Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five's: Currently Crushing On

Happy Friday! I'm mixing it up this Friday with with a "Currently Crushing On" version for my Friday Five Favorite's.

The stuff I've been drooling over this week:

1. Target Runs (specifically the dollar section). For any holiday coming up, I always peruse this section of the store to find adorable but budget-friendly items to decorate my office at work. This week Nate was gone a couple days, so I took advantage of a free Tuesday night and proceeded to my local Target store for a glance through their clearance section as well as the dollar spot. I picked up this adorable pail and sign for just $1 each. Shopping trips without any guilt = a win win. 

2. This rug. 2 out of the 3 rugs in my house I've purchased from Overstock (including our headboard) and I have yet to be disappointed. I've been scouring stores and online shops for the perfect subtle yet stylish area rug for our family room (that won't break the bank) and I think this is the one. Definitely at the top of my list of things I want/need to buy for our home.

3. My Little Pink Book of Addresses. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer friend's and family's addresses to be written down in a book I can carry around with me rather than in a file or app. This book is small enough that it fits in my purse, plus it's girly and pink. 

4. Sorel's Tivoli High II Boot. This seems to be the year of the cute-but-functional winter boot, and I must admit, I fall in love every time I see Sorel boots in a store. Kansas weather has been so up and down this winter (it snowed Wednesday and tomorrow the high is 65...seriously) that I haven't quite convinced myself I need these yet. Hopefully with another Colorado skiing trip coming up in March and some colder weather here at home (if we ever get it), I can convince myself these are a necessity before they run out of stock. 

5. Tina Fey's Book, Bossypants. After losing interest in Amy Poehler's Yes Please, I decided the only way to get out of this book-rut was to find another book to read. My plans were initially to hit up the library for a library card and to check out a book (both Nathan and I tend to be book-hoarders), but I happened to walk by Bossypants during my Target run. I was hooked after skimming over the first couple pages, and decided since the library trip most likely wouldn't happen until this weekend, I needed  wanted to buy it. I've already almost finished it, and have laughed every page. 

What are some of the things you're crushing on right now? 


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  1. I love that address book! So cute. And glad to see you're blogging more!