Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fives

Another week in the books! After surviving a dentist checkup yesterday (put that down as one of my least favorite things to do), I'm ready to start the weekend a little earlier today and get to relaxing. To kick it off, here are my five's for this week.

1. Penny the lost dog being found. Penny is a foster dog in my city and ran away  this week. She was wandering in the cold very pregnant and afraid. After she was lost my social media feed started flooding with people trying to find her, and within a day there was a Facebook page dedicated to her being found. It felt like our whole city was on the lookout, and after a couple days, she was rescued Stories like this where my community rallies around a lost pup make my heart happy. Good work, Lawrence, good work.

2. Rustic picture frames like this one. Slowly (but surely) Nathan and I are working to get some pictures of family and friends printed so we can put something on our walls, only two years after moving into our house. I'm kind of in love with the shabby-chicness of this frame, and definitely bought it last weekend.

3. The dollar store. I have a baby shower at work today and not wanting to spend $10 on wrapping the gift, I hit up my local dollar store. $1 for a gift bag vs. $5 at the grocery store = an extra Starbuck's trip mo' money saved.

4. Speaking of cheap finds, I also went to Target this week (because in my life at least one Target trip a week is a necessity) and I picked up some more cute decorations. I'm thinking the banner could be easily used for parties and other fun stuff, but in the meantime it's styling up my cube a bit. The egg tree was just a little somethin' somethin' for Easter. I'm thinking I need to go back this weekend to grab some decorations for my home.

My bargain finds for this week

5. Planned dates including only me, myself and I. Nate will be home late tonight, so rather than sit around waiting for him to get home, I've got a date planned with myself. First on the agenda is grabbing my books on hold at the library, and then settling downtown for a cup of coffee and an hour (or two) of reading. Afterwards I plan on using the $10 coupon burning a hole in my pocket to Kohl's to pick up some picture frames or some clothes, whichever suits my mood. Finish it off with making myself some protein pancakes for dinner (trying out the Kodiak Cakes mix I found at Target - hoping it's good!), and then watching some trash TV.

What got you through this week?


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