Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Greek Food, Uno and Outdoor Lights

Ah, once again I realize this weekend recap is a bit on the late-ish side, but alas, it's getting done. 

Friday night we cooked dinner for my SIL, her husband and our 7 month old nephew. It was a short 2 hour window of hanging out and eating (the kid has a pretty strict schedule he has to adhere to), and then Nate and I bummed on the couch the rest of the night. One of these Friday's we'll be more exciting, but this wasn't it.

For the big V-day, we bummed around some more and then went out for Greek food at one of our favorite restaurants downtown. When we we got to the restaurant we noticed that people were really dressed up. Like corsage-and-gown dressed up. I didn't understand it (the restaurant we went to was by no means fancy, dinner was maybe $35), but I guess it's a given since we live in a college town. We just looked at each other, shrugged and ate our gyros. 

After dinner we were planning on meeting up with my parents and little brother for a drink at the speakeasy that's just a couple blocks down from the restaurant, but we had about an hour to kill after dinner so we went in search for coffee. Since I wasn't going to walk around Hell's half-acre freezing my bum off, we settled on the Starbuck's that just across from the bar we'd be going to. Nate and I sipped coffee and played Uno while listening to elevator music, and it was most definitely my favorite part of the night. It reminded me that while Nate isn't the show-stopping, big romantic gestures kind of guy, he's romantic in his own way, every single day. 

We met up with the fam for some drinks after our many rounds of Uno, and I ordered the Valentine's day special to sip on. It was some kind of moscato concoction that I could've really cared less about what it tasted like because it came with an orchid blossom in the drink. My true girl came out and when it was served to me I exclaimed in the highest-pitched voice "prettttttttttttty!" while my brother and husband gave me a strange look. After a couple drinks and some fun conversations, we called it a night and headed home.

It was dark so this was the best shot I got, but still, pretty!

Sunday was a "meh" kind of day. There was nothing inherently wrong on Sunday, but I was in a serious funk. I finally snapped out of it late afternoon and made How Sweet Eat's Creamy Chicken and Buttermilk Dumplings (do yourself a favor and make it this week - best. comfort. food. ever.), and then we called it an early night after lounging on the couch. 


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