Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Ramblings

Yay for Friday! This week has been INSANE when it comes to work, but in a really awesome way (if that makes any sense).

This week went by really fast and was 95% fantastic, but N getting confirmation Tuesday that a great job he applied for was dead in the water did put a damper on the week. He has about a year until his company gets pseudo-bought out (long story), and all I can think about is him finding another job before then. For the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage he traveled 80% of the time and it was SO not fun. Since the non-traveling jobs are harder to find, I had my hopes up. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, and he still has he majority of the year to find something. I'm just the type of person that loathes uncertainty, so I'm hoping he finds something sooner than later. 

But onto this weekend. Oh, actually, let's discuss last weekend instead.. Last weekend was magnificent. One of our family goals for 2015 is to get some major student loan debt paid off, so we've been pretty tight in the budget department. To get out of the house last weekend sans spending money, we went with my parents to a furniture store since they were in search for a new sofa and bed. Luckily they had a promotion where if you bought a mattress you got a store gift card, and my parents were awesome and gave it to us to use. One of my favorite things, hands-down, is buying home goods and such, so I was pretty pumped to say the least.

I picked up a shabby-chic mirror that I just couldn't pass up, some lanterns that could keep the mantle company, and a spring-y vase with flowers that are perfect for our living room.

Mantle before redecorating

And after!

A vase with some pretty flowers = all a girl needs

This weekend N and I are going to see Book of Mormon in the city Saturday night (we got tickets as a Christmas gift from his mom), and then Sunday I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we get some snow. 3-6 inches is in the forecast, but the weatherman has rarely been right recently this winter. I know everyone else is over the cold, but being snowed in with some comfort food and hot cocoa sounds wonderful.


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